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No hour of life is wasted spent in the saddle
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Register for our summer session by clicking here or contact Amanda at (502) 648-6145. 

Other Camp Activities

When not riding the hundreds of acres of trails or engaged in instruction, campers will enjoy the many other fun activities summer at Boomer's Landing has to offer.

Including, but not limited to:

- Ladderball, Badminton, Cornhole, Frisbee, etc

- Swimming

- Water Balloon Battles

- Fishing

- Equestrian Arts and Crafts

- Treasure Hunting

- Tie Dye Tee-Shirt Making

- Mini Jumping

- Flashlight Tag

- Karaoke

- Bonfire and Marshmallow Roasting

- Evening Explorations in Astronomy

- and much more

Click here for the Boomer's Landing camp registration form.

All campers are to wear protective head gear at all times while riding.

At Boomer's Landing, the emphasis is on fun; but, also, responsibility.  Children will develop proper and safe care and grooming skills between rides while learning appropriate tacking techniques to insure a happy horse and a safe riding experience.

Amanda Hawkins is owner and camp coordinator at Boomer's Landing and will be leading the children in their equestrian adventure.
Boomer’s Landing summer camp offers a wonderful opportunity for all levels of riders to define and achieve their personal riding goals.  Camp rates are $200 per week and run through the months of June and July. For overnights, which we sometimes will do Thursday evenings, there is no extra charge and we will provide dinner and breakfast. 

Summer Camps

Experiences your child will hold dear for a lifetime