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$3.75 per child

$3.00 per child

Single child

Two children

Three or more children

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School Bus Drop-off

Boomer's Landing is conveniently located along the Shelby County school bus route.  For specifics on bus numbers and routes, please consult your school's bus coordinator or contact the Shelby County public school bus garage at (502) 633-4671

For more information or if you have any questions

contact Amanda at (502) 648-6145

(502) 648-6145

7885 Cropper Rd

Shelbyville Ky 40057

Summer isn’t the only season children are welcome.  The Boomer’s Landing afterschool and day programs run throughout the year offering a safe and fun environment for your child to have the horse camp experience year round.

With riding, fishing, acres of sport area and playground, boredom will be the least of your child’s concerns.  On those cold or rainy days when the outdoors aren’t an option, we’ve a recreational room stocked with games and other fun activities to pass the time.

Child Care

Rates per hour

with multi-child discounts included