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No hour of life is wasted spent in the saddle

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For a stable relationship, bring your horse to Boomer’s Landing and choose from our full or partial care boarding packages. If your equine companion prefers being outdoors all the time, we've acres of lush pasture to graze on for only $200 per month.
Our boarders enjoy access to our covered and lit riding arena and hundreds of acres of riding trails on a beautiful tree nursery.
All boarding options include winter hay, salt and mineral blocks and access to the tack room and other barn facilities.
Regardless of what package you choose, your horse will be safe and secure at Boomer’s Landing.

For more information or if you have any questions

contact Amanda at (502) 648-6145

Additional Services

Blanketing: $5 per request or $50 per month. May be added to self care or partial care board package.
Super Grooming: Brushing, bathing with shampoo and detangling conditioners, brushing, conditioning coat & hooves. Replacement of blanket & tail wrap. $30
Farrier & Vet Handling Assistance: $10.00. All financial arrangements should be made prior to this service with your farrier or vet. We do have a farm farrier and vet or feel free to use your own.


Boarding Options

Full Care Board: $500
- A stall
- Turn-out
- Twice daily feedings
- 24/7 water
- Salt/mineral blocks provided
- We will apply blankets, fly masks,

   bell boots, etc.
- Twice daily checks on blankets, fly masks,

   shoes, bell boots, etc.
- Twice daily applications of sun block to horses

   with white noses and eyes
- We will feed any supplements you provide for

   your horse
- We will administer any medications or medical

   care to your horse as needed
- Vet/farrier holding and scheduling
- We provide all hay, grain and bedding
- Stall cleaning provided

Pasture Board: $200 per month
- Winter Hay
- Access to the barn/storage
- 24/7 water
- Salt/mineral blocks provided
- Owner supplies and feeds their horse

   any and all grain as needed
- Twice daily checks on blankets, fly masks,

   shoes, bell boots, etc.